How to balance between right course and college of one’s choice

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” said Benjamin Franklin while defining the essence of higher education. In the present scenario, this pursuit of knowledge begins soon after the Plus 2 boards. What remains pertinent is to strike a balance between the right course and the college of one’s choice. The final aim, either way, is to have a successful career ahead.


With new courses and programmes dotting the learning domain alongside the conventional ones, higher education has undergone several changes. For those interested in pursuing niche areas and a focused approach to higher studies or a professional career, choice of courses, thus remain high on priority.


However, for those who perform well in their boards, getting admission in a college of repute is a dream come true. Spending the next three to four years with like-minded peers and quality faculty amidst good ambience, the college puts a student in good stead. Add to this the advantage of campus placements and a college remains the best way forward.


For students keen on pursuing a focused area of study, it should be a blend of both the programme and the college offering the same. “Let’s take into consideration programmes in law. The course structure is provided by the Bar Council of India. But what is to be taught in a particular course and what elective papers are to be selected besides the compulsory papers, depend upon the wisdom of the college,” says Rajesh Bahuguna, principal and dean of a law college.

Those preferring colleges should remember that if it is a good institute, companies, regardless of the branch of study, offer a plethora of job avenues. “There’s also the infrastructure that’s available in such colleges. But for those opting only for a very niche area of study and sure of the subject combinations, they should never opt for any other subject though it may be offered by the best of colleges,” shares Sanjay Chaudhary, director of a group of institutions.


A student may prefer a course over the college because the latter, literally, is just a red brick building, feels Bhavika Patel, a third year Political Science student. “What makes it worthwhile is the knowledge gained in that place. The course that a student selects becomes the crux of experience in the college,” adds Patel.

Pursuing a course that a student is passionate about gives him the push to achieve to the best of his capabilities. “If one chooses a college over a course, chances are that they might end up in a career they do not feel passionate about,” says Bhavneet Kaur, an assistant professor of Mathematics.


One’s intended area of study should lead to the right career goals. “This should not be negotiable. It should be presumed that the course selection has been based on sound decision-making after considering one’s strengths and weaknesses as also the career potential of the programme,” sums up Shekhar Niyogi, education and career consultant.

— Inputs by Stuti Gupta
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