IISER faculty gets US Patent for work on water splitting

PUNE: R Vaidhyanathan‘s work on ‘preparation of a covalent organic framework (COF) that can serve as an electrocatalyst to split water‘ has won him a US patent. He is a faculty member at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune.

Explaining his work, IISER released a statement which said, Hydrogen and oxygen, the constituent molecules of water, thus released, have vital industrial applications. Hydrogen can potentially be used as an alternative to the widely used hydrocarbon fuels and oxygen can be used as a reagent in many industrial processes. Along with the application of electricity, the use of electrocatalysts can aid activation of water splitting. Nanoparticles offer promise as good electrocatalysts, but they are usually grown by using capping agents, which, despite helping in particle size-reduction, can impede accessibility to such particles and thereby the kinetics of the reaction.

The COFs prepared by Vaidhyanathan and team offer a promising alternative to such capping agents and make the reaction significantly faster, added the release.

The US Patent 10,301,727 B2 citation said, ‘Vaidhyanathan, R, Mullangi, D and Nandi, S (2019) Covalent organic frameworks as porous supports for non-noble metal based water splitting electrocatalysts.‘
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