Siddhesh Kamat wins INSA Young Scientist Medal 2019

PUNE: Siddhesh Kamat, an Assistant Professor in the Biology department of at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune, has been awarded the ‘Young Scientist Medal‘ of the Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi for 2019. His lab studies biological processes involved in lipid signaling and metabolism, said official from IISER in a written statement.

‘INSA is a body of Indian scientists founded in 1935 for promotion of scientific knowledge in the country. One of their activities is to encourage and motivate young talent in Indian science. Towards this, INSA awards the Young Scientist Medal each year. It is a prestigious and competitive award given to Indian scientists below the age of 35 years in recognition of promise, creativity and excellence in science and mathematics,‘ said the official note from IISER. There are, at present, 926 fellows, associated with INSA from the country.

Kamat‘s medal citation reads: “Dr Kamat has uncovered lipid changes in PHARC human disease where he showed important changes in lipase function. Currently he is mapping lipid epoxide changes during cellular oxidative stress. His collaborative help is significantly contributing in other areas of work involving lipid vesicle recycling and proteome charges.”

His personal page on the IISER website describing his work says, “We are interested in studying the biological mechanisms of lipid signaling pathways in the nervous and immune system. Our long term goal is to identify and understand as-of-yet uncharacterized lipid signaling pathways in vivo, annotate enzymes and receptors that regulate their biology and provide new insights and therapeutic paradigms for orphan and/or emerging human neurological and immunological diseases.”
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