SpiceJet overshooting: Captain grounded for a year

NEW DELHI: Passengers on board ‘s Jaipur-Mumbai flight that over-ran the runway on landing at the destination on July 1 were just plain lucky to avoid a disaster. The aviation regulator‘s preliminary probe has found the Boeing 737 had an unstablised approach; was coming in too fast; floated over Mumbai airport runway 27 “too long” and then landed after consuming half the airstrip.” The flying licence of this flight‘s pilot-in-command (PIC) has been suspended for a year and then he will face demotion for another six months where he will fly as a co-pilot. He will be made a captain again only if he is found “fit” for that position, ruled the Directorate General of Civil Aviation () on Monday.

The other pilot‘s licence has been suspended for a year. The aircraft (VT-SYK) remained stuck on the runway for almost three days, severely limiting infra-contrained Mumbai Airport‘s opearations even further.

The DGCA report for the July 1 accident of SpiceJet flight SG 6237 at Mumbai says: “preliminary investigation carried out by DGCA revealed that the final approach was unstabilised and aircraft touched down with high speed at approximately 1600 metres from runway 27 threshold (usable part of runway) and such unstabilised approach resulted into runway excursion.”

The DGCA had issued a show cause to the pilots “for endangering safety of aircraft and passengers on-board.” In an order issued for the PIC, DGCA joint DG Bir Singh Rai says he “failed to excrcise due caution and also failed to take corrective measure, which resulted in runway excursion. This further resulted in damage to the aircraft and runway remained closed for more than 3 days.”

Consequently, the PIC‘s flying licence has been suspended for a year “followed by undergoing corrective training, he would fly as first officer for a period of six months for 300 hours, whichever is earlier. After subscquent assessment, privileges of PIC will be restored,” the order says.
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